2captcha is the best online captcha typing portal in which you can work and make money without paying any registration or investment fees. All you need to type an image within a specific interval of time. 2captcha online typing jobs are very popular than any other online typing jobs. The more you enter captchas the more money you make. 2captcha times are very flexible, as you can work at any time at any place all around the globe.

2captcha offers all the services for free of cost including the registration and the captcha software to work with. The flow and rate of captcha for every input are very high at 2captcha online job rather than any other typing jobs available online. You also receive payments on a weekly basis without having any issues. If you found any, their customer’s services are also very good where they solve your problem within no time.

Are you interested to do this 2captcha online typing job? Then let’s dive into them by just learning some important prerequisites to get into this job.

2Captcha Minimum Requirements

  • A computer or pc with a minimum internet connection.
  • An average typing speed (it’s okay if you are a beginner).
  • An email account.
  • Any payment gateways like Perfect Money, Adv Cash, Web Money, etc… to receive payments.

That’s it, after achieving all these requirements let quickly get registered at 2captcha online typing job.

2Captcha Registration

To get registered at 2captcha online typing job link, please click on this link to get registered for free of cost. All you need to fill out the required information in the registration form and click on the submit button after solving a captcha. You will receive a confirmation email with a password mentioned in it. You can log in to the 2captcha server by the login credentials given in the confirmation email.

Click on this banner to get register for Free.

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You don’t need to pay any money in the form of registration or investment. All the services from 2captcha online job are free of cost. After logged in, you can eventually work on their official website or the software provided by them.

2Captcha software

You can either work on their official website or in the software provided for free of cost. This 2captcha software support all the platforms including the mobile phone. Yes, you can work on your mobile phone also. They provide you with an android app where you can directly login to their server and work instantly at any time at any place all around the globe and receive payment on a weekly basis.

2Captcha Android App

All you need to do is to just download the latest version of the software of your supported platform and install it on your pc or mobile phone. All the essential things like pay rates, your credits, and many more will be displayed in the software or app itself. This 2captcha software is provided free of cost. Yes, we successfully got registered and download the 2captcha software and start working online. Then how do we receive payments? Let’s learn about the 2captcha payment process.

2captcha payment proof

2captcha is the best online typing job portal when it comes to paying its customers. This 2captcha online typing job is a 100% legitimate site where you can work without any hesitation. 2captcha pays its customers exactly on weekends after reaching out a minimum payout of 1$. You can work as long as possible and make much more money than you do.

I personally got paid by this 2captcha online typing job and I still earning now as a form of referral income. Yes, we can make money either by working or by referring a friend. All the payments are transferred through international payment processors like Web Money, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, adv cash, Payeer, etc. I posted my payment transaction receipt received from 2captcha online typing job as payment proof below.

2Captcha Payment Proof

Honestly, I would recommend you to try and check out this job. Here is my final review of the 2captcha online typing job.

2Captcha Review

2captcha online typing job is one of the most popular typing job portals available online. From my side, I personally got paid for what I had done. But sometimes, I really got banned even for continuous 10 mistakes and I lost all the money that I have earned online for the last week. So please make sure that your accuracy is good when you are doing this job.

The rate of captchas may be low when compared to the rates at night time. So we need to work during night times continuously. Seriously, you cannot make a good amount of money even if you work longer periods. This job only suits those who can make money while they practicing typing online. It’s okay to try for at least one time. I have given my review honestly about this 2captcha online typing job where I leave your decision in your hand. Good luck.

Watch 2Captcha Demo Video.

Check out the 2captcha demo video in here.