Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best place to make money online in a market place for work where businesses (aka Requesters) publish tasks (aka HITS) where human providers (aka Workers) complete them. Amazon Mechanical Turk gives Workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete whenever and wherever it’s convenient all over the globe.

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides an on-demand, scalable, human workforce to complete jobs that humans can do better than computers which may includes finding objects in photos,writing reviews of restaurants, movies, or businesses, translating text passages into foreign languages,getting the hours of operation of the business center within a hotel, determining if a hotel is family-friendly, or telling you the most relevant search results for a given phrase.

As these Mturk jobs may refer to be one of those free online data entry jobs to work from home available to students, housewives etc all over the globe. As these online typing jobs are 100% legitimate where you don’t need to pay any registration fee or any investment.

Seriously, I personally got paid through these online typing jobs as I posted payment proofs as a proof for every online job I got paid.

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Key Amazon Mechanical Turk Concepts:

☑ Requester.

A Requester is a company, organization, or person that creates and submits tasks (HITs) to Amazon Mechanical Turk for Workers to perform. As a Requester, you can use a software application to interact with Amazon Mechanical Turk to submit tasks, retrieve results, and perform other automated tasks. You can use the Requester website to check the status of your HITs and manage your account.

☑ What is an Amazon Mechanical Turk HIT?

A Human Intelligence Task aka (HIT) is a task that a Requester submits to Amazon Mechanical Turk for Workers to perform. A HIT represents a single, self-contained task. Workers can find HITs listed on the Amazon Mechanical Turk website. For more information, go to the Amazon Mechanical Turk website. Each HIT has a lifetime, specified by the Requester, that determines how long the HIT is available to Workers. A HIT also has an assignment duration, which is the amount of time a Worker has to complete a HIT after accepting it.

☑ Worker.

A Worker is a person who performs the tasks specified by a Requester in a HIT. Workers use the Amazon Mechanical Turk website to find and accept assignments, enter values into the question form, and submit the results. The Requester specifies how many Workers can work on a task. Amazon Mechanical Turkguarantees that a Worker can work on each task only one time.

☑ Assignment.

An assignment specifies how many people can submit completed work for your HIT. When a Worker accepts a HIT, Amazon Mechanical Turk creates an assignment to track the work to completion. The assignment belongs exclusively to the Worker and guarantees that the Worker can submit results and be eligible for a reward until the time the HIT or assignment expires.

☑ Reward.

A reward is the money gained by you, as a Requester, pay Workers for satisfactory work they do on your HITs.

What will be in Amazon Mechanical Turk worker's dashboard?

Employees have access to a dashboard that displays three sections: Total earnings, HIT status and HIT totals.

☑ Total earnings:

Displays the total earnings a worker has received from the realization of human intelligence tasks, the gains made from bonuses and the sum of both HITs and rewards.

☑ HIT status:

Displays a list of daily activities and the daily income, along with the number of visits that were submitted, approved, rejected or waiting for the given day.

☑ HIT totals:

Displays information about HIT which has been accepted or is in the process (including the percentage of successes that occurred, returned or abandoned and the percentage of jobs that were approved, rejected or pending those presented).

How do I signup at Amazon Mturk as a worker?

Click on the Mturk registration/signup link to get registered at Amazon Mturk worker account for free of cost. After you signup for Mturk, it takes 48 hours to approve your request to verify your social security numbers.

Once verified, you start out in a probation period where you need to complete at least 1 HIT for 10 days. During that period, you have a cap of 100 HITs per day and you can’t withdraw your money. After the 10 days are over with a minimum payout threshold has been achieved then, there are no withdrawal restrictions.

Click on the following link to get registered at Amazon Mturk as a worker for free of cost.

How do I accept HITs?

Once you signed into Amazon Mturk as a worker, then click on the HITs in the dashboard, then there are will be displayed all the available HITs which on available to accept to make money by Mturk by getting the job done.

The requester had set a particular period of time to accept the HITs and complete the task by the worker within a limited time. Yes, each and every HITs provided by the requester had put the expiry time period.

Here are the HITs available in my dashboard when I was logged in as a worker.

Amazon Mechanical Turk - HITS image.

To make money with MTurk, the worker must complete the job within the specified time as requested by the requester. Each and every worker has a cope of more than 100 HITs in a day to complete whenever and whatever you need.

Ok, if you had done the job successfully, then what about the payments? here it is the detailed explanation about receiving money from the requester and transferring to the bank accounts from the Mturk system.

How Do I Receive Payments From Mturk Requesters?

Workers log in, select a HIT and complete it. The requester then approves the job and sends the payment through the Turk system. Amazon automatically places the payment into the worker’s Amazon Payments account.

How Do I Receive Payments From Amazon Mechanical Turk?

When a worker receives money in his Mechanical Turk account for completing tasks, Amazon pays out in one of two ways. The first is an Amazon gift certificate. The second option is to send the funds to the bank account. Sign in from the home page and click “Account Settings” to process your payments. You will see a link in the Account Settings page to either transfer payments to your bank account or choose a gift certificate.

How are MTurk workers paid?

Workers will be paid and Amazon Mechanical Turk(MTurk) fees will be charged when you approve submitted work. If you reject the work, the Worker is not paid and you are not charged the MTurk fees.

☑ Is there any online legitimate typing jobs which are paying legitimately?

Yes, absolutely, there are many legitimate online typing jobs which are paying regularly on weekends. I personally got paid through these ones of the online typing jobs.

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MTurk Review - My Personal thought.

MTurk probably isn’t going to be a primary source of income for most people, but it still could be a way to earn a few extra bucks during TV commercial breaks, pet sitting or maybe even during your lunch break.

Just know that there’s a probationary period where you may not qualify for higher paying HITs — be patient!

There’s an entire community of MTurk workers on Reddit who share tips and tricks to increase your earnings. I have given my best, choose your decision wisely, but it is really worth trying once…!