Captchatypers Online Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fee.


Captchatypers is one of the best online typing jobs where we can earn money by doing simple typing jobs. Either, there is no registration fee nor the investment. Yes, we can signup for free and receive payments on a weekly basis without having any previous experience.

We need to type captcha's within the specified time. The more we enter captcha's correctly, the more money we make. Captchatypers timings are flexible, there is no fixed timing to do the job, we can work at any time and as long as possible.

Importantly, payments from captchatypers are on a weekly basis. We receive payments on a weekly basis with a minimum payout of 1$. I received payment from captchatypers online typing job. All payments are processed through international payment processors like PAYPAL, PAYZA etc.

Captchatypers also provides captcha entry software for free of cost. Unlike, other online typing jobs we cannot work on captchatypers official website, rather than we can work on the captcha entry software provided for free of cost.

This article guides you all tips and tricks to make money and learn more about captchatypers online typing job free registration, captchatypers payment proof, captchatypers captcha entry software etc. OK, let's get started.

Minimum Requirements For Captchatypers Typing Job.

  • All we need to have a PC with a minimum internet speed connection.
  • We need to type almost 8 to 10 words in a minute.
  • An EMAIL account.
  • A PAYPAL account.

1. Captchatypers Register.

To get new registration at captchatypers online typing jobs, we can either need to send a request email to or directly signup on their official captchatypers registration portal.

Captchatypers registration can be done in two ways, one is sending a request email to and other is signup on the captchatypers online typing job portal by filling all the essential fields.

Importantly, there is no registration fee to signup. Yes, indeed all the features from captchatypers entry job are for free of cost including the captchatypers captcha entry software.

As captchatypers online typing job company, itself states with a note as

  • Don't buy admin from others. They can change your payment details and hack your money. To get admin at free of cost mail to

To get new admin id of captchatypers online typing job, click on the link below to get registered at captchatypers online typing job for free of cost.

Register for 100% free for captchatypers online typing job official portal at Captchatypers online typing job.

Official captchatypers online typing job registration form is shown below.


2. Captchatypers Software.

Captchatypers online typing job can only be done on captchatypers captcha software. We can download captcha software for free of cost. In captcha software the server time, correct captcha entry's, incorrect captcha entry etc. will be displayed in it.

All we need to have a PC with minimum internet connection and 2GB RAM or better to work in this captcha entry software. The flow of captchas in the captcha entry software is very high during the nights and low on days.

We need to submit captchas without any mistake or delay. If we submit more than 10 incorrect captchas, our admin ID will be banned for 24 hrs. Once the time limit is completed we can work again without losing our payments.

Download captchatypers captcha software by clicking on the link below or we can also download captcha software on the official captchatypers website by visiting captchatypers online typing job.

3. Captchatypers Payment Proof.

Captchatypers is one of the best company which pays their customers without any delay. Yes, captchatypers is paying very well from the last 10 years. Payments from captchatypers will be on the weekly basis.

Captchatypers process their all payments on Fridays and Mondays with a minimum payout of 1$. All payments are processed through international payment processors like PAYPAL, PAYZA etc. After reaching minimum payment, our payment will be completed within 24hrs.

Honestly, I earned more than 50$ in a week and had received payments from captchatypers. My recent received payment image will be shown below.


4. Captchatypers Reviews.

I personally recommend doing captchatypers typing job as a part-time job. We receive payments in a low quantity even though we work harder. We can also earn money by referring our friends.

Honestly, captchatypers is a genuine company which pays very well without any delay. As I said, I personally received payment. This job is fantastic for students, housewives and for those who need to start second income.

Just spend some time it is really worth trying. I said all I can and left your opinion in

I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.