CaptchaTypers is one of the best online typing jobs where we can make money online by just typing simple captchas within a specific interval of time. Either there is no registration fee or the investment to get join in this Captchatypers online typing job. Yes, we can sign up for free and receive payment on a weekly basis.

We need to type captcha’s within the specified time. The more we enter captcha’s correctly, the more money we make. Captchatypers timings are flexible, there is no fixed timing to do the job, and we can work at any time and as long as possible.

Importantly, payments from Captchatypers are on a weekly basis. We receive payments on a weekly basis with a minimum payout of 1$. I received payment from captchaTypers online typing job. All payments are processed through international payment processors like PayPal, Phone Pay, and Google Pay, etc…

Captchatypers also provides captcha entry software for free of cost. Unlike, other online typing jobs we cannot work on Captchatyper’s official website, rather than we can work on the captcha entry software provided for free of cost. Yes, seriously we can work on our mobile phone too. Captchatypers provides us a mobile app where we can directly work by just logging in to the app with our own credentials.

All these sounds maybe a little bit confusing right? Don’t worry I am going to explain to you all the steps required to do this typing job successfully. Firstly, let’s learn all the required prerequisites to do these typing jobs.

Minimum Requirements for Captchatypers Typing Job

  • A computer or pc with a minimum internet speed connection.
  • An average typing speed.
  • An Email account.
  • Any of PayPal, Perfect Money, Web Money, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Vietnam Bank, and Indian Bank account.
  • Phone pay, Google pay (optional) for Indian users.

After reaching out to all these prerequisites, then let’s get into the Captchatypers online job registration.

Captchatypers Registration

To get registered at captchatypers online typing job, just fill out the essential information regarding name, username, and password at their official Captchatypers online job website and click on the submit button. After a few minutes, you will receive an email to your registered email address with your credentials. Please click on the activation link to activate your account at Captchatypers online job.

Captchatypers Registration Form

What we had created till now is an employee master id where we cannot work with this id. The next step is to create an employee id by clicking on an employee master button located on the menu bar. Then set your own personal username and password and click on the Save button. Instantly, you will see a list that consists of your employee id in it. This is how you create an employee id which is used to work at Captchatypers online job. If you have done all the steps correctly, then let’s learn about captcha typers’ software.

CaptchaTypers Software

After the successful creation of employee IDs, unlike any other captcha typing jobs, we cannot work on their official Captchatypers website. Captcha typing company provides you with a captcha typing software which works on all platforms including mobile phone. Yes, you can really work on your mobile phone too.

CaptchaTypers Software login

Captcha typers provides us with a mobile app (Android) and software that supports Windows and Linux for free of cost. All you need to have a PC with a minimum internet connection and 2GB RAM or better to work in this captcha entry software. The flow of captchas in the captcha entry software is very high during the nights and low on days. You need to submit captchas without any mistake or delay. If you submit more than 10 incorrect captchas, your employee ID will be banned for 24 hrs. Once the time limit is completed you can restart your work again without losing your payments.

You can download the latest version of Captcha typers entry software by just logging in to their official website and click on the download button and install it on your supported platform. Ok, we are working regularly, but how do we get paid? Don’t worry here is how we receive payments from Captchatypers online job).

CaptchaTypers payment proof

Captchatypers is one of the best companies which pays their customers without any delay. Yes, Captchatypers is paying very well for the last 10 years. You will receive payment after reaching out to a minimum payout of 1$. You can withdraw at any time without hesitating. There will be no deduct in commission, you will get what you receive in your payment processors.

There may be many payment gateways to receive money like India Money, Phone Pay, Google Pay (For Indian users only) and ADV cash, Perfect Money, etc… honestly, I personally got paid through this Captchatypers online job as I posted my transaction receipt as a payment proof below.

Captchatypers Payment Proof

Guys, please go through the Captchatypers review section before getting into this job

Captchatypers Review

I personally recommend doing the Captchatypers typing job as a part-time job. We receive payments in a low quantity even though we work harder. It almost takes 2 to 3 days to become 1$ for a beginner. The rates of captchas depend on the time you work on. As I am from India, if I work during nights I would make more money rather than working in the day time.

Guys, even if you work all day long in this Captchatypers job you would not make at least 1$ in a day. This job is only helpful for those who need to spend their valuably and for those who need to improve their typing speed. Besides, this Captchatypers Company pays the customers very well without any delay. Just spend some time it is really worth trying.

I said all I can and left my opinion about this online typing job and I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.