In here, we learn all the steps required to launch a website with a custom URL using Github pages and GoDaddy Domain name. Yes, we can launch our own website as Github pages without paying any hosting fee. Most importantly, this website( has also hosted as Github pages.

All we need to have some coding knowledge and a custom domain name. I eventually do blogging through this technique without paying any hosting fee. As always, there is no charge for hosting as Github pages.

1. Buy Your Domain Name At GoDaddy Domains.

Firstly, we need to buy a domain name. In my case, I prefer Godaddy because their customer support is very good. Choose whatever you prefer to make a living and buy it.

Importantly, Google does not rank its domains based on their names. i.e. .COM doesn’t rank much higher than .ORG or .IO or any other domain name. All the domain name rankings depend on Google’s search engine optimization(SEO).

2. Create A Simple Static Website.

We need to create a static HTML webpage and save it as index.html. All the required tags must be included in the index.html webpage in which we must be coded manually or by doing copy paste.

Then make your super awesome website. Paste the following into index.html. If you are feeling adventurous you could paste some of the sites from HTML5 UP. It’s your website so I’ll leave that up to you!

Here is the simple code of a webpage with simple important tags.

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<title> <This is Title of the Webpage. </title>
<h1> This is heading number 1. </h1>
<h2> This is heading number 2. </h2>
<p> This is the paragraph to describe some news. </p>

3. Create The New Repository On Github

Create a new REPOSITORY on by just clicking the plus icon on the top right corner and then the new repository. Fill all the essential fields according to your interest and hit the submit button.

After creating click on the add new file to upload our newly created simple index.html document which we were already created in step2. Upload this index.html document and hit commit with a message.

Create New Github Repository.

Another way to create a new repository is by using GitBash. After installing Github desktop locally we can add ($ git add), commit ($ git commit -m "Commit Message"), push (\$ git push) etc directly from the GitBash. I have written an awesome article on how to commit, push, add the new repository by using git command lines.

You can check your live version of your simple website at

4. Add CNAME File to Github Pages.

In order to add CNAME, click on the upload/New file located at the top right corner of the repository page. Save the file name as CNAME with your personal domain name in it.

Importantly, we need to save the file name as CNAME by including our personal Godaddy domain name in it. After filling all the required field hit the commit button with a commit message.

In my case, I filled my CNAME file as shown in the image below.

Adding CNAME File To Github

5. Configure DNS Server For DOMAIN Name.

Over at head to the “Manage DNS” tab and scroll to the “Custom resource records” section at the bottom of the page.

  1. We need to add two "@" type A records that point to the Github IP's and
  2. We also need to add one "www" CNAME record that points to your URL.

In my case, I added the following records at GoDaddy registrar as shown in the following image below.

Setting DNS Records

After completing all the steps, we can really check the live status of our website with a custom URL which directly redirects our URL to our personal domain URL.

Thank you for reading this tutorial.

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