SEO introduction

As the internet opens out many doors with lots of opportunities available for business organizations to stand up in the competitive world. Do you know that almost 6 to 7 % of startup companies fail due to lack of improper business models, lack of research in a competitive world, mainly the SEO, pre-planned keyword strategy, etc… shut down within their first 19 months only? Yes, it is true that somehow many business organizations do not produce any profits due to a lack of information about SEO. Ok, what exactly meant is SEO? And how does it help to increase or move a business organization towards profits?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps small business organizations create user-friendly websites that rank higher in any search engine results which in turn helps us to increase or bring us the most valuable customers or audience to your website which eventually increases the conversion rates and the brand awareness. As the internet provides tons of information about SEO for free, but to stand out in the competitive world, you need a piece of exact precise information on how SEO works to increase your business. Seriously, in simple terms, SEO helps us to increase the visibility of your site for a relevant query. The higher the rankings of your website, helps us to gain more organic traffic which attracts existing customers to your business.

The main key factors in SEO may include keyword research, site audit, keyword rankings, creating friendly SEO content, track the keyword rankings of your competitor, etc.… and apply the changes to increase your website rankings. When it comes to stealing your competitors’ traffic, you must need an online tool that helps to solve or get the precise information regarding your query, without an online tool it is full of a headache to get the competitor’s information and also a time taking process.

To resolve these issues, here come the best online SEO tools which make our life easier. The most important and famous tool is semrush, as there are many tools like Ahref, Moz, Keyword Explorer, Keyword surfer, etc.… I could not say which is better but each and every tool has its own flavor. When it comes to semrush, the toolkits which are available in the tool are a mix of different reports and tools which help us to access a wide range of reports and tackle the competitor’s traffic easily.

As the internet has been developing profoundly, the toolkits that are available within the semrush have also been updated frequently to meet the success of their customers. This guide will explain to you all the recent updates that had made by the semrush tool right from the brand new logo to the updates in the content marketing toolkit.

When it comes to pricing, the semrush tool offers us three subscriptions starting from $119 with a pro version and a Guru plan which costs $229, and lastly, a business plan with $449 per month. If you really want to try out with any of these tools, you can directly signup without giving any credit card credentials and use these features for free for 7 days.

semrush Price

Seriously, you can also signup at semrush for free for 7 days without even giving your credit card credentials. You can just directly login and start exploring the updated features instantly. Just click on this semrush link to get it free of cost for 7 days.

Updates In SEO Tools.

Revamped Keyword Overview.

Keywords in SEO play a vital role in increasing the rankings of your websites. Generally, keyword research is nothing but it tells us about what people are really searching for? and what particular term or query is ranking in any search engine. The report generated from keyword research makes our life much easier than rather writing and publishing an article without having any knowledge of what particular term is ranking or googling in google or any other search engines.

When it comes semrush keyword overview, the toolkit gives us the most vital and precise information about the particular query including the ranking, search volume, LSA keywords, SERP results, etc.… which searches over 20 billion keywords in less than a minute.

Keyword Overview Tool

As the internet is growing very fast, then semrush also needs to be get updated to stand alongside the customers to stand out in the competition. Here are some of the most recent updated features that took place in semrush 2020 right from the keyword overview tool to the marketplace.

Global Volume.

To know the keyword potential for any selected query or any keyword, you can directly start using this tool to know the exact precise information which may include the following

  • Search Volume.
  • Search Volume over a particular time period.
  • Number of results.
  • Organic competition or difficulty.
  • Keyword Trend.
  • Keyword variations.
  • Question etc. and many more
Global Volume

All the above results getting from the particular metric have been updated globally. Seriously, we can directly select any country and view the above metrics within a fraction of seconds.

SERP Analysis.

Have you ever come across the exact answer displayed in the very first box including the relevant content for the search query you entered? You can directly read the content without entering any website. The feature includes in one of the features in SERP results in which it may also include first top rankings of any website for that particular keyword, and this can be achieved by the keyword research or ranking for that particular keyword which eventually increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your website. semrush had made it possible for us to easily find out your competitor SERP results where we can exactly use that information to compete and outsmart your competitor. This feature may include finding

  • Number of backlinks.
  • Referring Domains.
  • Search Traffic.
  • URL keywords.

We can directly click on any competitor link listed in the semrush SERP analysis results to know their particular ranking keywords and their top-ranking keywords to work with.

SERP Feature:

This feature allows you to find out the most valuable information right at the naked eye. Some of the features include

  • Organic Results.
  • People also ask for the SERP feature.
  • Video SERP feature.
  • Featured Snippet.
  • Reviews.
  • Knowledge Panel.
  • Job listing etc.…

With the help of a new update in the semrush SERP results page, we can easily find out the large metrics to find out how your competitor had owned that place in google search results.

Bulk Analysis:

Sometimes finding out the particular keyword ranking and its analysis one after the other may find tedious for the users. What if you need to analyze 100 keywords at a time? Don’t worry semrush had been up with the bulk analysis tab, where you can directly enter 100 keywords or more separated by commas or one per line and start analyzing the keywords at a time.

Refined Keyword Gap:

Keyword gap features help us to compare the given keyword profiles side by side between up to five competitors at a time. This information is helpful to capture the more leads that matter to your business organizations. There is a new updated feature to compare URLs, subdomains, and subfolders to find which keywords you missed for a specific article and which subdomains or subfolder on your site have insufficient content to rank well for keywords. Only Guru and Business subscriptions with semrush can access this feature.

Keyword Gap

The most important updated feature I really love is the keyword overlap graph and the widget which shows the “Top opportunities for” tab which may include missing, weak, strong, unique, and shared keyword types.

After entering your domain and the other four competitive domain names in the keyword gap widget, it displays the following factors which help us to steal the competitor search tactic.

Keyword Overlay Graph:

This key word graph shows the visual picture of your market or googles search position compared with the other five competitors. If you click on the intersection part of the graph, you will get a list of keywords where you can easily find out the prescribed results.

Keyword Overlay Graph.


By using the filters, we can collect the shared keywords for which of the domains/URLs/subfolders/subdomains rank for. This displays the total number of keywords for which each of the entered five domains ranks for.


This filter displays all the number of top 100 keywords for which your competitors are ranking, but not yours in the top missing words.


This filter displays all the keywords for which your competitors’ domains are ranking in a higher position than your domain.


This feature displays all the keywords for which the competitor’s domains are having a lower position than your domain.


This filter displays all the keyword which are unique to your domain name rather than your competitors.

All keywords:

This displays the total number of keywords for every given domain name you entered including your domain also.

Research Your Competitor’s Keyword Globally:

As we know semrush has huge customers of over 7 million users all over the globe, the more data to meet the customer’s need includes over 20 billion keywords of over 819 million domains of all over 142 geo databases all around the globe. In recent updates, semrush had included a feature named “Worldwide view” which helps us to conduct competitor’s keyword research and the growth metrics of our website all over the globe in just one click.

Link Building through Broken backlinks:

Using backlink analytics tools in semrush, we can easily find out the competitor’s broken link in which it was receiving an inbound number of backlinks from another site. Just by post the same related article on your domain name and by just approaching the broken link website owner, just to replace his blog post URL with the newly created URL. That’s it, the juice of the broken link may start turning to your website which eventually helps in increasing your business.

Backlink audit helps you save your website from penalties. This tool lets you check whether any malicious website have link to your, and remove them instantly. In a recent update, there is the newest feature named ‘Target Page Report’ which provides the most important metrics of broken, active, new, and lost backlinks of your website. Here are as follows

Active: The number of active backlinks or domains which are sending inbound backlinks to your website.

New: The number of backlinks that you have built or referring recently over the period of 30 days to your particular blog post on your website.

Broken: The number of backlinks that are broken or returned as error codes 404.

Lost: The number of backlinks you have lost for the target page.

Users: The number of new users landed on your website via referring traffic.

New Users: The number of new users who visited your website and got user-friendly by spending some time reading your articles.

The feature like users, New user’s data is available for you only if you have integrated your semrush account with a google analytics account.

Position Tracking:

Position tracking in semrush helps us to track any website rankings for a particular set of target keywords. You can target your keyword rankings to watch any specific location and on any kind of device. Without hesitation, you can schedule the reports to your inbox directly on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With the latest update in the ‘Device and Location tracking widget’, you can easily compare various regions on a country, city, region level basis all around the globe in only one project.

Position Tracking

This updated feature really helps us to

  • Featured snippet opportunities.
  • Discovering and tracking your competitor’s SEO locally.
  • Track any keyword and any domain name not only from the semrush database but also from the other databases like MOZ, SEOquake, etc.…
  • Easily, export the results in pdf or CSV formats.

Powerful Site Audit:

A site audit is a powerful tool that generates a total health score of your website which includes all the fundamental issues affecting organic search performances. When it comes to the semrush site audit tool, semrush is a powerful website crawler that gives us the most precise required information right from the fundamental issues to the featured snippet at the end of google search results.

Site Audit

This site audit tool gives us various types of reports which may include site health score, Top issues, Thematic reports, etc.… with very well-designed color widgets. This semrush site audit tool comes up with the new update named Markup data feature which helps you to detect various markups. You can easily get this information by just clicking on the ‘Run Now’ button, once the crawling process is completed, then navigate to the page report widget where you find the Markup data widget.

Site audit support in the following markups:

  • Twitter Cards.
  • Microformats.
  • Open Graph.

List Management Tool.

Have you ever thought about how your business website is performing in Google or any other search engines? To find out the correct precise information, here comes a handy tool named ‘List Management Tool’ by semrush which gives us required information about how well your business is correct and consistent across the many different types of search engines which may include maps, apps, voice assistants, amazon Alexa, social networks or any other platform where your customers are trying to reach.

Listing Management

This tool really helps you from

  • Check how accurate your business data is across the internet.
  • Distribute your business data to the most authoritative directories automatically.
  • Track local rankings.
  • Monitor reviews by getting performance reports and user suggestions.
  • Delete the duplicates automatically.
  • Analyze the trend of your position among all local businesses in Google Maps.

This list management tool works for businesses based in the united states, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia countries.

Research Tools:

Traffic Analytics: Analyzing the website’s traffic journey.

The new traffic journey report in the traffic analytics report in the semrush tool gives us a complete report on how well your audience is visiting your website through different kinds of traffic sources and how well the same audiences are bouncing to another website across your website. This report allows you to get the complete picture of the user’s journey which will be displayed visually in the widget itself.

Traffic Journey

This traffic journey report gives you the

  • The total amount of traffic
  • Attracting more customers at your competitor's touchpoints.
  • Outline the customer journey and improve the customer experience.
  • Traffic shares.
  • Monthly changes.

Market Explorer: Growth Quadrant

The latest feature in semrush Market Explorer is the growth quadrant to reveal the top industry players in the competitive landscape and divides them into four sections named Niche Players, Established Players, Game Changers, and Leaders and check the position of your business over a certain period of time. With the help of the growth quadrant in the Market Explorer tool in semrush we can

  • Easily analyze your market position among your competitors and identify the growth areas.
  • Easily finding out the competitors in different sections named Niche Players, Established Players, Game Changers, and Leaders.
  • A player who actively grows becomes a Game Changer or a leader, where some players who actively grow in a particular niche market are called Niche Players where else who has been a long time in the market and gaining a huge amount of traffic from various sources is called Established players.
  • Identify and use the same techniques as the successful competitor had been using.
  • Getting precise information about any product in the marketplace before launching new products.
  • We can easily point out the ratio of men and women of different ages based on their interest which helps us to improve the range of products or even replace with the new product with the help of GEO distribution.
  • Benchmark a given domain against five other sites, comparing their traffic sources, counts, and key audiences with the newly released Benchmarking Report. Each and every report in this tool has been covering of all over 190 regions all around the globe.

Content Marketing Toolkit

When it comes to creating and publishing an article, sometimes it may find tedious to find ideas for creating new content and improving already existing content. To resolve this issue, here comes a feature called ‘Content Marketing Toolkit’ in semrush tool which helps you right from creating new SEO optimized posts, improve existing content, tracking post position, auditing your site, tracking the position of your blog post, brand monitoring, etc.…

This tool really helps you from finding a topic that suits your audience in an SEO-optimized way and a content calendar to keep track of your deadlines, improving your existing content, tracking performances of your guest posts, brand monitoring, etc.… Here are the features that are really helpful for you to create new content right from getting ideas to optimizing content for SEO.

If you are interested in using this tool and its features, please click on the " semrush free trial" link to activate your account for 7days free trial without providing your credit card credentials while signing up.

Topic Research

Here is the best online tool which helps you to get content ideas based on your niche. With the help of this tool, you can find the most popular topics & the most popular questions people ask, discover the most engaging headlines and perform a content gap analysis. This tool directly gives you precise insights about what your audiences are interested in. you can directly filter the data via country, region, city basis, and the recent titles in which your competitors had used. When you enter any topic idea and hit enter, you get the latest insights in various viewable formats which may include cards, a list, an overview, a mind map in which you can easily understand and create much more worthy content in few hours.

With the help of this tool, you can directly

  • Create your content plan.
  • Discover the most popular topics.
  • Find the most shared headlines around a topic.
  • Find the most popular questions people ask about a topic.
  • Perform a content gap analysis.
  • Find relevant topics with good SEO potential.
Topic Research

Create a Plan

After collecting all the required data from topic research, it’s time to set the prescribed time right from creating content to publishing and building brand awareness. There is always a saying that ‘Time is money’ without the correct use of your time and planning, you are nothing. To get success in your life, you need to have a very well-designed plan including the deadlines to complete those plans. Same way, every digital marketer and SEO needs a handy tool that helps to prepare a calendar to track their marketing activities on a month-to-month basis throughout the year.

Here is the best handy tool named ‘Marketing Calendar’ in the semrush tool, which really helps to easily understand your marketing campaigns, plans, and actions in the calendar. As the important feature is that this marketing calendar in semrush tool can either be used by the manager and also his colleagues too. Yes, you can easily share your marketing calendar with your team members which helps you to easily track the progress of your marketing strategies in real-time.

With the help of this marketing calendar, you can

  • You can organize tasks by creating campaigns and activities. You can easily set the activities to a status level of progress, completed, pending, etc.… all come under a grouped data campaign.
  • You can easily create any kind of campaign templates, and has a number of settings available in the tool just like writing description, setting the start and end dates, upcoming activities, attaching files from google drive, etc.….
  • You can easily set up the email notifications for your tasks, which helps us to stay connected and track the progress of your work with your team members in real-time.
  • You can share this calendar with your team members or invite members to use your calendar with other semrush users.
  • You can easily link up with the google analytics tool which helps us to keep track of the traffic data by UTM tags and you can easily export the calendar file in the formats of .ics and .CSV files.
  • Based on your semrush subscription, this tool has been limited to create and use the number of calendars in the following
    • Free: No Calendars.
    • Pro:No Calendars.
    • Guru:One Calendar.
    • Business:Unlimited Calendars.
Marketing Calendar.

SEO Content Template

As the name suggests SEO content templates help you to create high-quality blog posts or pages that are optimized for search engines by eliminating the guessing work. After doing the required keyword research, just put all those keywords in the tool and hit and hit enter to create an SEO template. From your given target keywords, semrush analyzed the top 10 google ranking pages which are your competitors and generates a template for your content with specific recommendations.

SEO Content Template

The main goal of this SEO content template tool is to outrank your competitors in the search engine results pages by optimizing content. This is an AI automated tool that shows us the precise useful tips as key recommendations. These recommendations may include the following

Text Length: This feature tells you the average word count of the top-ranking pages as you can easily create more or a smaller number of words depending on your strategy.

Semantically Related Keywords: This feature gives you the list of Semantically related keywords which are simply words or phrases that are related to each other conceptually.

Backlinks: The greater the number of backlinks from different high-authority websites, the greater the ranking of your website. this feature helps you by displaying the number of high-quality backlinks created from high-authority websites.

Readability: With this feature, you can easily find out the number of words should present in your content.

Page Title: The usage of the target keyword in your title, in which this optimal length should not exceed 55 characters.

Mega Description: Displays the optimal meta description length. For SEO purposes this length should not exceed 230 characters.

H1: Usage of target keywords not more than one time.

Text: The number of target keywords repeated at least one time in the content of your text.


  • Free accounts can create 1 SEO Content Template (all time)
  • Pro accounts can create 1 SEO Content Template (all time)
  • Guru accounts have 800 SEO Ideas units per month
  • Business accounts have 2,000 SEO Ideas units per month

SEO Writing Assistant:

When you have all the SEO recommendations, then continue with actually creating content and check how your text is getting optimized by SEO writing assistant by showing its recommendations based on google’s top-ranking pages in real-time. This SEO writing assistant available as a WordPress plugin, add-on for google docs, and also as a part of the Content marketing toolkit interface in semrush itself.

SEO Writing Assistant.

This tool helps you to check your writings and shows recommendation in the following properties as

  • Readability.
  • SEO.
  • Recommended keywords.
  • Linking.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Originality.
  • Tone of Voice.
  • Related questions.

Quick Checker

A quick checker is a tool that is located in an SEO content template that helps you to give rank on your content on a real-time basis on the SEO recommendations. It works the same as SEO writing assistant add-on but without the need for google doc or google sheets. When you start entering the text in the quick checker tab, it also gives you the same metrics as the semrush google docs add-on. This tool works as same as an add-on, you can work any preferred platform you love.

Quick Checker

Content Audit

As the name suggests, this tool helps you to audit your website and gives you precise insights into your website within a minute no matter how big or small your website is. This tool process by collecting and analyzing asserts on a website including all blog posts and landing pages and keeps an inventory of a website and provides us the rightful information about which content needs to be updated, outdated, re-write or delete.

Content Audit

Post Tracking

With the help of this tool, we can track the performances of your website in real-world competition. With this semrush content audit tool, you can link up with your google analytics tool in which you can get full insights about bounce rate, unique visitors, tracking of your written guest post, referral traffic, and many more.

Post Tracking

With the help of this content audit tools, you can easily get the insights of your website in following ways.

  • Rewrite or remove a blog post.
  • The blog posts which are need to be updated.
  • Find relatively new pages which are viewed more than 150 time in the last month by quick review widget.
  • Poor content shows the blog post which are less than 200 words.
  • Create detailed task descriptions
  • Compare content version and their metrics.
  • Collaborate and share tasks.
  • Customize your audit table.
  • Export your audit results.
  • Customize your content sets.


This tool really helps you to track your and your competitor’s brand mentions online. Check the estimated reach, analyze the mention sentiment, track referral traffic, and evaluate your PR effectiveness. You can easily find out the reach of your business strategy in reaching like-minded audiences or customers outside of your website. for example, with the help of this tool, we can easily find out how many people had mentioned you on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media platforms in only a fraction of seconds.

With the help of this brand monitoring tool, you can

  • Filter your mentions easily.
  • Find out how many mentions your brand has.
  • Check the top influencers who mention your business often.
  • Check if the mentions are positive, negative, or natural.
Brand Monitoring

Revamped Overview Report

With the latest recent update in the brand monitoring tool, we can easily find out the following insights easily

  • Total mentions
  • Mentions with a backlink
  • Positive mentions
  • Total estimated reach
  • Mentions with the highest traffic

Content Marketing Toolkit Limits

As you know that each and every feature in this semrush tool really helps in achieving your success, but when it comes to usage, there are certain limits to use particular tools depending upon the subscription you are in. just follow the infographic to learn more about the limits of accessing content marketing tools.

Content Marketing Toolkit Limits

Content Market Place Expansion:

Content Marketplace

I personally love this marketplace which where you find on-demand content and copywriting services directly from expert-level content writers. They create highly relevant, well-researched, and professionally written content on any topic you need. You can select any service you need; you will receive the project within the specified time without any delay. The price may vary from $32 to $500 depending upon the project you need, and also with or without any subscription. You can invite any of your colleagues and work together by using the latest feature called a workspace. Here are some of the important content writing services provided for us in the marketplace.

  • Article
  • Product description.
  • Website copy.
  • Email newsletter.
  • Press release.
  • Media stock.
  • eBook.
  • Infographic (Launching soon).

Social Media Tools:

As social media is growing rapidly day by day, it’s been hectic for the publishers to compete and stand out in the competition itself. To resolve this issue, semrush provided us with the tool named ‘Social Media Toolkit’ which makes our social media presence very easy. As it consists of four tools named social media poster, social media tracker, social media ads, and social media analytics. All these tools allow you to create posts, create your own ad campaign, benchmark your progress against your competitors and monitor your social media performance.

Social Media Analytics:

With the latest update in social media analytics, you can directly view your data from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles in one view. In this analytics tool, we get clear-cut information about the post reach, post engagements, and the new followers in only one click or view.

Social Media Ads:

Have you ever created an ad campaign in Facebook or Instagram or Google ads or any other advertisement networks of any search engine? Seriously, I personally feel much more complicated or sometimes may be confused with many types of settings. Here comes the handy tool in semrush Social media ads, where you can create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns from one place without struggling with any complicated settings. You can easily create an entire Facebook family ad campaign and monitor their performances directly from semrush only.

In addition to the main software suite on semrush, there is also an auxiliary tool that can help you with your campaigns.


SEOquake is a free plugin that helps you by providing organic research data, SEO audit, Keyword density report, Internal/External link analysis, social metrics, etc.… directly right in the browser at only one click. It supports every browser available in the market.

semrush Sensor:

A semrush Sensor is a tool for tracking volatility of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) and monitoring for signs of a Google algorithm change. By switching this tool monitor your website’s search results, whenever there is a Google core update, this tool gives us the required information of how well your search results are affected or not, if so, it gives us the score in the tool itself. This tool really helps you to get category-based vocality scores, compare the presence of SERP Features, AMP, and HTTPS across industries and countries, position tracking with a custom set of keywords, etc.…


Prowly is a PR & Media Relations, internal, and external communications software that connects all PR activities in only one place, including finding the right media contacts, keeping them under control, sending personalized emails to journalists, and creating a journalist-friendly newsroom. The subscription charges start from the basis of 115$ to the premium of $549.

Impact Hero:

Impact Hero is an AI-powered tool that breaks down your content by customer journey stages, detects the most impactful pieces, and provides recommendations for the content which can perform better.


Sellerly is a free tool for increasing conversions of amazon product pages by split testing the mains elements that affect sales. This tool allows you to run unlimited split tests, gradually improving to craft the most profitable listing to the Amazon product listings. With the help of this tool, you can directly manage your product listing directly by integrating your amazon seller account, test different titles, descriptions & prices to find the best combinations, track each experiment live, etc. seriously this tool is available for free of cost with any basis subscription.


Please try out the best and latest updated features in the semrush tool and stand out in the competition by stealing your competitor’s traffic. As there is a free trial version available, just play around by signup for free without entering your credit card credentials here.