Hi, are you searching for free online typing jobs? then you are in a good place. Yes, in here there are top legitimate typing jobs available for everyone all around the world. Here, you no need to pay any registration fees to signup. All these are 100% free to get register and most importantly these top free online typing jobs are paying very well.

To do these jobs, you need to type an 9 letter word less than 1 minute. This is really an easy task, everyone can do this job done. Importantly, you can either work on their official website or in the software provided. We can work from anywhere we need, and there are no any fixed timings.

The main reason for these 6 typing jobs as 100% legitimate is that I personally got paid through one of these jobs. Yes, I have received payment from megatypers online typing job through PAYPAL account. All the payments are processed through international payment processors like PAYPAL, BITCOIN etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PAYPAL account. Getting a PAYPAL account is as easy as getting Gmail account.

We don’t need to wait too long to get paid. All the payments are on weekly basis with a 1$ minimum payout. I have thoroughly read and written this post. I had spent considerable time formulating the structure of this post, beyond its concepts.

I’m sure it will be extremely useful for Teenagers, Housewives and to the people who would like to start earning money online from home. I will share all the essential tips and tricks to earn money from these online typing jobs. You need to check all the following things to start earning money from these top 6 online typing jobs.

Basic Requirements to do typing job.

  1. You must type an 9 character word less than 1 minute.(normally an easy task)
  2. You must have a PC with a minimum internet connection.
  3. An email account.
  4. A PayPal account.
  5. Pancard { For Indian Only }.

Here is the list of top free online typing jobs in which we can really make money by typing online without paying any registration fees and receive payments on the weekend. Ok, let’s get started.

1. Megatypers Online Typing Job.

Megatypers Online Typing Job

Megatypers is one of the best online captcha typing job portal in which we earn money for every correct captcha input. Megatypers schedules are flexible, we can work at any hour that we need and as long as possible.

In here, we can either work in their official megatypers website or in the free captcha software provided by them. The quicker we type the more money we earn. All we need to have a computer with internet connection and ability to type at least 10 words per minute.

Importantly, no previous experience needed and all the payments are on a weekly basis of minimum payout 1$. Megatypers is 100% legitimate typing job and is really worth trying.

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2. Qlinkgroup Online Typing Job.

Qlinkgroup Online Typing Job.

Qlinkgroup is online captcha typing job where we need to type 5-6 character captcha image into words within time. The more we type the more money we make. This job is really fantastic for students, housewives etc. for those who need to start their part-time job.

In here we can work at any time we need and as long as possible with no previous experience needed. Importantly, there is no any registration fees to signup. All the features from qlinkgroup are 100% free of cost.

Unlike other captcha typing jobs, at qlinkgroup we cannot work on their official website rather than we can work in qlinkgroup captcha software provided for us for free available on all supportable platforms. The flow of captchas is very high at qlinkgroup compared to other captcha typing jobs.

Honestly, I personally got paid by qlinkgroup captcha typing job. All the payments are on Fridays processed through international payment processor PAYPAL. All you need to have a PC with internet connection and ability to type 10 words in a minute.

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3. Kolotibablo Online Typing Job.

Kolotibablo Online Typing Job.

Kolotibablo is an another best place to earn money by typing captchas online. For every beginner, kolotibablo online typing job is a good choice, because the submitting time for every captcha input is high.

Luckily, incorrect captcha input does not affect our earning and there is no account ban, where else it is different for other types of captcha entry jobs. Yes, this is cool right. Kolotibablo is running more than ten years and paying always accurately.

Importantly, Kolotibablo uses a system of high rating. The higher Kalotibablo’s member rating the nominal value that you earn can also be higher. The rating obtained on the basis of the number of Captchas that has been inputted.

As always, the payments of kolotibablo is on weekly basis with a minimum payout of less than 1$. Likewise, we can work on their official website or in the captcha entry software provided for free of cost.

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4. Captchatypers Online Typing Job.

Captchatypers Online Typing Job.

Captchatypers is also an another best online captcha typing job. As usual, we need to submit given captcha images within the limited displayed time. The more we enter correctly, the more money we make.

Usually, there is no registration fee to be paid. All essential requirements we receive is for free of cost from captchatypers typing job. All we need to have a PC and a PAYPAL account to receive payment.

This is the easy way to earn money online by just working from home. Captchatypers typing job is really good for students, housewives, and people who love to start a second income. More, importantly, we need to follow the guidelines to signup for free.

Alternatively, we can work either on their official captchatypers website or in the captcha entry software provided for us by free of cost. Yes, indeed we can earn money by typing online with zero investment.</p>

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5. 2Captcha Online Typing Job.

2Captcha Online Typing Job.

2Captcha is one of the best online captcha typing jobs, just because, not only the time limit to submit captcha is high, but also the incorrect captcha does not result in an account ban. We can earn an extra money due to their high captcha rates.

We receive payment on weekends. I personally had received payment from 2Captcha and posted as a payment proof at 2Captcha online typing job. This is really a good platform to make money by typing online for every beginner to start with.

The payrates for each correct captcha depends on the system statics of 2captcha server. It really depends on the time we are working on. Not only the pay rate for each correct captcha but also the flow of captcha will be maximum during the night time.

We can work on their official 2captcha website and also in the 2captcha software provided for free of cost. We will receive payment when we reach a minimum payout of 1$.

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6. Lionbridge Online Data Entry Job.

The Smart Crowd formerly known as VirtualBee / Key For Cash is one of the legit online money making sites. This is the only few online companies in existence offering legit online typing jobs from home. The online typing tasks were the same even though the company name has changed.

Smart crowd offers us the ability to earn money by completing small tasks that you can fit in your schedule. We work for yourself, on as many tasks as we choose, from our own device, wherever, and whenever, we want. Interestingly, we are connected to a global community of workers just like ourselves.

Most people join in the Smart Crowd for the opportunity to supplement their income. There is no long-term commitment, simply complete the tasks that we had signed up for. Smart Crowd have a variety of tasks in data research, free online typing jobs, language, testing, and more.

We must complete at least one placement evaluation before you can be considered for work. We will only be allowed to work on those tasks related to the talent we’ve demonstrated. The higher we score, the greater our chance to take on tasks and be paid for work! Seriously, are you interested? then dig in to learn more at Smart Crowd.

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7. Amazon Mechanical Turk(MTurk).

Amazon Mechanical Turk(MTURK) Online Jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best place to make money online in a market place for work where businesses (aka Requesters) publish tasks (aka HITS) where human providers (aka Workers) complete them. Amazon Mechanical Turk gives Workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete whenever and wherever it’s convenient all over the globe.

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides an on-demand, scalable, human workforce to complete jobs that humans can do better than computers which may includes finding objects in photos,writing reviews of restaurants, movies, or businesses, translating text passages into foreign languages,getting the hours of operation of the business center within a hotel, determining if a hotel is family-friendly, or telling you the most relevant search results for a given phrase.

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