Hi, guys, are you really searching for free online typing jobs and get paid on weekly basis without paying any registration fee or any investment? Yes, you are in a good place, in this article I am going to explain all the prerequisites to get into these jobs in detail. You don’t need any college degree or any experience, all you need to have a good typing speed and minimum knowledge of the English language.

Yes, absolutely, all these online typing jobs are 100% legitimate and free to sign up for. Moreover, I personally got paid by doing these typing jobs in my spare time. Guys, the internet has opened many doors to get a job and make money by just typing online. But, what we worry about is that are these online typing jobs are legitimate? Can we trust them? What happens if we work day and night and not get paid?

I can understand all these doubts are buzzing in your mind. But don’t worry I will guide you to the most trusted online typing jobs which I personally prefer doing these jobs and get paid with no issues. I will guide you through each and every single step in order to get into this job without any experience and get paid.

Guys, all you need is to have a minimum typing speed and a minimum knowledge of the English language. That is, you can get signup instantly, and start working from home without any doubt in your head.

I bet, that you had gone through different kinds of websites or companies who offer the same typing jobs to work from home by paying some registration fee and worked day and night and lastly not get paid. I did the same thing as you did, I personally got scammed by some companies available online.

Seriously, I will explain to you my experience with one company is that I paid some amount of money in the form of the registration fee as they mentioned on their website. They received their money and the feedback or customer service was very good till then. They sent me a zip file that consists of 100 images of handwritten text where I need to type in MS Word in less than a week. The payout role depends on the accuracy we type. Finally, I got busted even though I sent my work as they say that my accuracy was very low. That’s it, I lost my money and wasted my valuable time.

Guys, you don’t do the same mistake that I have done earlier, but no worries, I am going to explain each and every single step to get into these jobs and get your payment without any delay by just working from home. Ok, let’s get started.

All the typing job we are talking about is that we can work online and offline. But I would personally recommend you to go through online typing jobs first. Just because we can work from anywhere at any time and at any place all over the globe. Online typing jobs are much more flexible to work rather than offline typing jobs moreover the payments are very well get received by working with these online typing jobs.

Before getting into these online jobs, let’s talk about the prerequisites required to do these online jobs.

  • A computer or pc with minimum internet speed.
  • An average typing speed. No worries if you are a beginner, if you have a strong will to learn it only takes one week to master typing.
  • A PayPal account to receive payments. If you don’t have it, let just signup it is as easy as creating a Gmail account.
  • Minimum knowledge of the English language.
  • A strong will to work confidently.

If you had gone through all these prerequisites, then let dive into the online typing jobs.

As there are many kinds of typing jobs available online, I would prefer to work with online captcha typing jobs. You need to type a captcha within their given interval of time. You earn for every correct input and vice-versa. All these sound confusing right? Let’s first learn about captcha.

What is a captcha?

Have you ever wondered when filling an online registration form, you need to type a combination of 3 or 4 letters or words before you click on the submit button? Yes, that is called a captcha. A captcha is a computer software mechanism which differentiates human from computer bots. It helps to filter out the online bots filling up the form from humans. Exactly only humans can solve the captcha but not computer bots.

Thank god you have reached here, I think that you got some confidence in me. Let get started with online captcha typing jobs then…

These online captcha typing jobs are very much easier than any other typing jobs available on the internet. All you need is to type a captcha within a given interval of time. I really got paid by these captcha typing companies many times. As there are many companies offering online captcha typing jobs, I would sort out them by my trust in them.

Megatypers Online Typing Job

Megatypers Online Typing Job

Megatypers is the best place to work online by just typing at home. Megatypers offers the best job opportunities even for a beginner too. This online typing job is 100% legitimate and it pays very well with no issues. Seriously, we receive payments on a weekly basis after reaching a minimum payout scale of 3$ only which is very easy for a beginner too.

We can either work on their official Megatypers website or in their software which is provided for free of cost. Yes, it is 100% free. All the services provided from Megatypers online typing job are free of cost and there is no need to pay any registration fee also. I personally recommend you try this job without any doubt.

I had written a complete article on Megatypers online typing job right from getting registration to working online and receiving payment on the weekend. You can get all the details regarding this typing job at Megatypers online typing job

Qlinkgroup online typing job

Qlinkgroup Online Typing Job.

Qlinkgroup is another best online typing job available for us. This Qlinkgroup typing job offers online typing jobs for students, housewives, part-time workers, and those who need to make money in their spare time. Even a beginner can sign up and start working instantly and get paid every Friday after reaching out a minimum payout of 1$ only.

Unlike many other typing jobs, we cannot work on the official Qlinkgroup typing jobs website. As they provide us a captcha typing software where you need to install on your pc and work with by signing with your own credentials. All the payments and the work credits will be displayed in the software itself.

Here you can find all the details about Qlinkgroup online captcha typing jobs right from signup to working online and receiving payment on your weekend. All I mentioned detailed about this typing job at Qlinkgroup online typing job including my transaction receipt as a payment proof.

Kolotibablo online typing job

Kolotibablo Online Typing Job.

Kolotibablo is an online captcha typing job available for every beginner to make money by typing online. For every beginner, the Kolotibablo typing job is a good choice because the time interval between two captchas is very high. You can type easily by taking your own time. The more captchas you enter correctly, the more money you make.

Likewise, here at Kolotibablo online typing job, we can work either on their official website or in the app which supports in mobile phone. I personally recommend you to work at their official website by just logging into their server or in the phone application software provided by Kolotibablo typing job for free of cost. Yes, seriously, we can work from our phone too.

We receive payments on a weekly basis via PayPal or any other payment processor without any delay. I personally got paid through this Kolotibablo typing job as well as it helped me to increase my typing speed and accuracy.

I have written a jaw-dropping article on Kolotibablo online typing job right from the beginning to the end in detail. Please visit Kolotibablo online typing job to learn more.

Captchatypers online typing job

Captchatypers Online Typing Job.

Just like Qlinkgroup, Kolotibablo, and Megatypers. Captchatypers is also the best online typing job portal in which you can work at any time anywhere. You can just sign in and start working instantly. As usual, there is no need to pay any registration fee or any investment. All the services from Captchatypers are free of cost and can be downloaded and installed on any version of pc.

You will receive payment on a weekly basis, but the rates of captchas are very low when compared to other typing jobs. You have to spend too much amount of time to earn at least 1$. Please be careful with this typing job as it bans a user even for a single incorrect captcha entry.

Learn more about this typing job at Captchatypers online typing job where I explained each and every single step to achieve this job even it is really hard.

2Captcha online typing job

2Captcha Online Typing Job.

2Captcha is one of the best online captcha typing jobs, just because, not only the time limit to submit captcha is high, but also the incorrect captcha input does not result in an account ban. We can earn extra money due to their high captcha rates.

The rate of captchas are very high as other typing jobs, we can make a good amount of money by just working 2 to 3 hours online. As usual, there is no need to pay any registration to get a signup.

Meanwhile, at 2Captcha online typing job, we can either work in their 2captcha software or in the 2captcha app. All the apps and software of 2captcha are provided free of cost. We can directly work in their provided software as long as possible.

I have done complete research and produced a well-refined article with each and every single step to achieve a 2captcha online typing job. Please find out the complete information at 2Captcha online typing job

Amazon Mechanical Turk(mturk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk(MTURK) Online Jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is also the best profound online typing job as the name itself shows that it belongs to the Amazon company. Amazon Mechanical Turk provides an on-demand, scalable, human workforce to complete jobs that humans can do better than computers which may include finding objects in photos, writing reviews of restaurants, movies, or businesses, translating text passages into foreign languages, getting the hours of operation of the business center within a hotel, determining if a hotel is family-friendly, or telling you the most relevant search results for a given phrase.

Amazon Mechanical Turk does offer their services all over the globe rather than in India. Yes, we cannot work from India as there was no task available for them. In spite of all these things, amazon mechanical Turk is the best place to work online.

Here is an article on my blog named amazon mechanical turk online typing job which explains the complete step by step guide to working effectively at amazon mechanical Turk.

Lionbridge Online Data Entry Job

The Smart Crowd formerly known as Virtual Bee / Key For Cash is one of the legit online money making sites. These are the only few online companies in existence offering legit online typing jobs from home. The online typing tasks were the same even though the company name has changed.

The smart crowd offers us the ability to earn money by completing small tasks that you can fit into your schedule. We work for ourselves, on as many tasks as we choose, from our own device, wherever, and whenever, we want. Interestingly, we are connected to a global community of workers just like ourselves.

Most people join the Smart Crowd for the opportunity to supplement their income. There is no long-term commitment, simply complete the tasks that we had signed up for. Smart Crowd has a variety of tasks in data research, free online typing jobs, language, testing, and more.

We must complete at least one placement evaluation before you can be considered for work. We will only be allowed to work on those tasks related to the talent we’ve demonstrated. The higher we score, the greater our chance to take on tasks and be paid for work! Seriously, are you interested? Then dig in to learn more at Smart Crowd.

As far as I concern, these are only the online typing jobs that I found legitimately available on the internet. Check out any one online job and play around, as I personally recommend you to join in these online typing jobs.

I gathered and explained all the online typing jobs which look legitimate till now, then let’s talk about offline typing jobs that are available online and my experience with these typing jobs. There are many sites that offer offline typing jobs that sound may be interesting with their glamorous website design and their customer service.

What exactly we need to do with an offline typing job is that we need to type 100 images that were written in handwriting into an editable document i.e. in MS-word. We need to complete all those 100 jpg images into an editable document in less than a week.

You may find these kinds of offline typing jobs on any freelancer website. You just need to sign up and you may find different kinds of projects regarding these offline typing jobs. Select any one and place a bid for the project and start working as soon as the proposal has been accepted by your project manager. Here are some of the top freelancing websites where you can find this offline typing or ms-word typing jobs.

You may find any offline typing job on any of these websites. But, what exactly happens is for some jobs you need to pay some amount of money for registration right away. Let me explain my bad experience with one kind of offline typing job. I came across a platform where there too many offline typing jobs available for every beginner. I trusted the platform with their best web design and their pre-made testimonials displayed on the website.

I trusted and paid some amount of money as registration for one project. I need to type at least 100 jpeg images which were written in handwritten notes into an editable document i.e. in MS-word. The payment depends on the accuracy of the typing. I started typing as soon as the project has been issued to me. I really worked very hard and submitted my project in time even I was very tired.

After two days, I got an email that says that your accuracy has been very low so you cannot get any payment. They attached a document where I had done a mistake and the calculations of my accuracy. Seriously, I just missed only four commas on the first page of 100 images and I lost accuracy.

What I am going to tell is that no human being can convert 100 jpeg handwritten images to a word document in less than a week without any mistakes. Yes if you do mistakes you may lose your registration fee also. So please think twice before you get into these typing jobs.

I honestly, prefer doing the above online typing jobs rather than offline typing jobs where you get your payment on a weekly basis. I personally gone through these online typing jobs and I think that I had put much amount of information required for you to start from the beginning. I will leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck guys.