Kolotibablo offers simple online captcha typing job for free. Within kolotibablo we can earn money online by doing simple online typing job without paying any registration fees.

In here, you will learn all the details about How to register at kolotibablo?, kolotibablo free software, kolotibablo bot, kolotibablo payment proof, kolotibablo Review and so on…! regarding kolotibablo online typing job.

kolotibablo. is a 100% legitimate online captcha typing job. Yes, I personally, had received payment from kolotibablo as i have posted in this article.

Honestly, no previous experience needed. This typing job is fantastic for students, housewives and also for those who need a second income.

Importantly, it is 100% free to signup.

Ok, let’s get started.

1. Kolotibablo Register (2019).

If you are interested in kolotibablo online typing job, click on this link to get a new registration for free of cost. Yes, it is 100% free of cost.

All you need to have an email account and a Payment processing account just like PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney

Here are the few steps to get a new registration at kolotibablo.

  1. Go to their official website by just clicking on this link.
  2. Fill all the required fields and hit the submit button.
  3. The confirmation link has to be sent to blockquoteour registered mail address.
  4. Click on the received link to confirm and start earning money.
  5. Note: - Don't spend money on any other third party sites to get an account id.
Click on the link to get registered at Kolotibablo Online Typing Job For Free.

The official kolotibablo website looks like this image give below.

Kolotibablo Online Typing Job Registration.

2. Download Kolotibablo Software For Free (2019).

At Kolotibablo, you can either work in their official website or also in the software provided for free and start earning money without any prescribed time limit.

Importantly, the kolotibablo software is 100% Free of cost.

To download kolotibablo software follow the following steps to get it for free of cost.

Download Kolotibablo Software:

  1. Login into the kolotibablo official website.
  2. Navigate to " work via app" and hit enter.
  3. Click on Download button to download.
  4. Follow the instructions to install as shown on the kolotibablo website.
Click on the link to download kolotibablo captcha typing software Kolotibablo software(2019) For Free.
Kolotibablo Software

3. Kolotibablo Payment Proof.

Kolotibablo is 100% legitimate online typing job which pays their workers without any delay. All the kolotibablo payments are on weekly basis and their least payment is 1$.

Honestly, I really have gone through this kolotibablo typing job and I am 100% sure, they are paying their workers without any delay. I personally got paid through these jobs and I am still getting paid.

All the payments are transferred through international payment processors like PayPal, Litecoin, Ethereum{; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”} etc…

Here is my personal payment proof which I got from kolotibablo typing job.

Importantly, Guys, you don’t need to worry about payments. kolotibablo is a genuine company and is really worth trying.

Kolotibablo Payment Proof.

4. Kolotibablo Reviews.

In my opinion, kolotibablo is 100% legitimate genuine captcha typing portal. I personally had received payments from kolotibablo as I had already mentioned above.


The pay rates for typing captcha is very low at kolotibablo.

I give an about of 4 stars out of 5.

There are so many better options when it comes to earning money online. I think they should increase the number of mistakes that you can commit especially for new users.

The main reasons are,

  1. Not that Enough Income.
  2. Easy to Get Banned.

5. Kolotibablo bot (apk, app).

Kolotibablo is also offering to work in their Bot. Simply, Kolotibablo also offers an Android app to work directly on Android mobiles.

Yes, this bot is officially released by Kolotibablo.

Click on this link to download Kolotibablo Bot.

Don’t confuse, Kolotibablo Bot is usually known as Kolotibablo Android app.

Note: While working in Kolotibablo Bot, the loading time of captchas is very high. It’s better to work in their official website or in the software provided by them.

Click on this link to get Kolotibablo Bot

6. Is Kolotibablo genuine?

Firstly, Kolotibablo is not a Scam. Secondly, the main reason that many people complained Kolotibablo is a scam is that their account was banned because of their mistakes.

I have seen payment proofs and this website indeed pays those who enter captchas correctly.

One can also start a referral program to increase the earning potential.

I leave the final decision in your hands. Good luck and choose wisely.