Megatypers is the best place to work and make money by typing online. Megatypers offers online captcha typing jobs for every beginner to work efficiently at any time and at anywhere all around the globe just by getting signed up with no any investment or any registration fees and get paid on a weekly basis.

Yes, this is true guys. Megatypers offers free online captcha typing jobs with no registration fees and we get our payments on a weekly basis after reaching out a minimum payout scale of almost 3$ which is very easy for beginners too. All you need to have a good typing speed. That’s it.

But, Okay. Are you still confusing what exactly we need to do at Megatypers typing job? Don’t worry, I am going to explain each and every single step to achieve this job. At Megatypers, all you need to do is to type a captcha image which consists of two or three combinations of letters or numbers with no mistake. We make money for every correct captcha entered and conversely we don’t make money for an incorrect entry.

All these sound a little bit confusing, right? Don’t worry, I am going to provide all the important information in this article right from getting registered for free of cost and receiving payment on a weekend.

What exactly is a Captcha and how it relates to Megatypers?

A Captcha is a type of software mechanism where it separates us from computer bots when filling out any registration form. Have you ever come across an image where you need to type exactly the same in the blank input field? Yes, that image is called a captcha. This only helps in finding out who is filling up the registration form i.e. humans or computer bots, where else only humans can solve this correctly.

Seriously, Megatypers is currently looking for typers from around the globe. All you need to have to work with a computer having a minimum internet connection and an ability to type at least 10 Words per Minute which is very easy for beginners too. Megatypers schedules are flexible as you can work at any hour that you want and for as long as possible. The quicker you type the more you make money online.


At Megatypers, we need to type the exact same word or letters as shown in the captcha image which stipulates a correct captcha entry. At the above captcha image, we need to type “sclt” as an input.

Seriously, Megatypers is fantastic for

  • Mothers who stay at home.
  • Parents who need a second job.
  • Students.
  • People in between jobs.

Ok, we have learned all the basic information right? Then lets’ dive into this typing job. In order, to complete this Megatypers typing job profile one should follow this instruction and also meet these requirements to get the job done easily.

Megatypers Minimum Requirements

  • A computer with a minimum internet speed connection.
  • An average typing speed.
  • An email account.
  • A PayPal account.
  • An invitation code (EB9D).

Guys, all these are just a caution notice for every beginner where these are the only important factors that will need to do this job without any problem. After reaching out all the minimum requirements than before getting registered at Megatypers online typing job, you really need to have an invitation code (EB9D).

Okay, let’s find out what exactly is an invitation code and its role in Megatypers online job registration?

Megatypers Invitation Code(EB9D)

To get registered at Megatypers online typing job, you need to have an invitation code, just type EB9D as an invitation code exactly the same in the registration form of Megatypers online job. This invitation code (EB9D) helps you to get registered for free of cost and it plays a prominent role in getting signup.

After having an invitation code (EB9D), just quickly dive into the registration of Megatypers online typing job.

Megatypers Registration

In spite of having an invitation code (EB9D) you also need an email address, a PayPal account to receive payments, and your personal selected password for future use. After filling out all the required information just click on the registered button at Megatypers online typing job to get registered for free.

After signup, just click on the login button after entering your credentials, then you may log in to the server, just play around a little bit of time and understand each and every option of this typing job portal.

Okay, after getting registered and logged in successfully, where exactly do we need to work? Is this the question that is running in your mind? Don’t worry, unlike any other captcha typing jobs, we can either work on their official Megatypers website or in their official software.

Yes, exactly, Megatypers also provide us a captcha software for free of cost where you can easily login with your credentials and start working instantly as long as possible without any issues. Let’s learn how to install this Megatypers captcha software on pc.

Megatypers Software

Megatypers provide captcha typing software for free, you can enter your credentials and start working instantly. This software can be downloaded by just logging into their official Megatypers website and click on the download button and install in the pc.

Megatypers captcha software login

To install this software on your pc, your pc must have a minimum of 2 GB ram, windows 8 or above software, 1 GB disk space, and a minimum speed of internet connection.

Why do we need this software? As we can also work on their official website by just logging in? See, we can either work on their website or on the software. But the flow of captcha images is very fast in the Megatypers software rather than on the website. So I personally recommend you to work on the Megatypers captcha entry software rather than on their website. For sure, your type credits will be added to your account accordingly as same as working on the official Megatypers website.

Megatypers captcha software working

After installing and successfully working on the software, here are some questions buzzing in our mind right now i.e. how exactly and how much we get paid for every correct captcha entry? Let’s just find out now.

Megatypers Payment

Megatypers is paying for its customers legitimately for the last ten years or so. Megatypers is a 100% legitimate site that pays you very well after reaching out a minimum payout scale of 3$ before the weekend through your registered payment processers. The amount we earn depends on the time interval we work on, so it’s better to work during night times as I hale from India.

The rate of captchas are different at different server timings, the following rates had been displayed in the captcha entry software as well as on their official website with a minimum of 0.7$ to a maximum of 1.5 $ per 1k images.

Honestly, I really got paid from this Megatypers online job, as I placed my transaction statement as income proof. Seriously, I would add only one thing that is this Megatypers online typing job is a 100% legitimate site that pays you very well without any delays.

Qlinkgroup Payment Proof

Thank god, I am so happy that you have reached here. Please just complete this article by reading my honest review.

Megatypers Review

For me, Megatypers online typing job is a great place to make money online by just simply typing in our free time. Megatypers is a 100% legitimate site that pays its customers very well. Honestly, I personally got paid by just working only 1 week as I was really good at typing. This Megatypers typing job is really the best place to spend our leisure time much more effectively.

To include, we cannot make a living by doing this job full-time or part-time. As the rates of captchas are very low during day time, if we work during day-time we cannot make much money, as well as, if we work during night time, the flow of captchas are very low when compared to the day times. We cannot make at least 2$ even working for 1 hour continuously. This job is only helpful for us to increase our typing speed and also helps to spend our time more valuably.

Note: Don’t pay any money in the name of registration or investment for Megatypers registration. All the services from Megatypers typing job are free of cost.