Qlinkgroup Online Typing Job With Zero Registration Fee and Zero Investment.


Hi, Qlinkgroup is a simple online captcha typing job in which you need to type at least 10 words in a minute.

It is an easy task but you need to submit within time. Of course, payments will be on every Fridays with a minimum payout 1$.

Here it is,

In here, you will find all the respective ways to signup, download captcha software, payment proofs etc.

Yes, It is 100% free.

Ok, Let's get started.

What is meant by CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA @ wiki
"Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"

CAPTCHA means a computer program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites.

Its just differentiate human from machine.

CAPTCHA sample image?

A CAPTCHA will have a text box down the bottom, where you are required to write the words down.


For example, here, one would write "sclt" was here.

Here are the most important links to qlinkgroup captcha entry work.

Qlinkgroup Minimum Requirements.

1. Qlinkgroup register.

There are no registration fees to signup. All the services from qlinkgroup is always for free of cost.

If you are interested to do qlinkgroup captcha entry work click on this link to go to their official qlinkgroup page.

In case, if you haven’t received the confirmation email from qlinkgroup, then wait at least 3 hours.

If it has not yet been received, then submit the application with another email address.

Note: Don’t buy qlinkgroup account id's from any third party sites. All the services of qlinkgroup are free of cost.

Click here to register at official qlinkgroup website.

This is how the official qlinkgroup registration form looks like.


2. Qlinkgroup Software.

Unlike any other captcha entry job, qlinkgroup captcha entry work cannot be done on their official website. Instead, they provide captcha software for free.

Qlinkgroup software is 100% free. It supports all the platforms.

Just click here to download qlinkgroup captcha software, and follow the instructions to install the Qlinkgroup software.

This is how qlinkgroup captcha software looks like.


3. How to install Qlinkgroup Software?

  • Double click qlink_client.exe to extract archives at preferred location.
  • (Optional) Create a shortcut on your desktop that points to the qlink.exe file.
  • Open the Qlink Client to start working. If it doesn't work, ensure you meet all requirements below.

4. System Requirements to Qlinkgroup Software:

How does Qlinkgroup Software Works?

After all, downloading and installing the qlinkgroup captcha software, you need to enter your credentials to log in.


After entering your correct credentials press login.

After login lets start work by pressing the start button and pause whenever you need to.


After pressing enter, there will be a flow of continuous captchas in the software, you need to give correct input within the specified time.

If you haven’t submitted within the limited time, this will result in an account ban.

You won't receive any payments if your account was banned even though you have reached your minimum payment.

So, be careful whenever you are submitting captchas. If the captcha has not been understood, then press the escape button. Don’t press the "esc" button continuously, this may also result in an account ban.


You can earn much money in the little amount of time. Importantly, high credits will be added at night times.

Case-sensitive or token captchas is also a type of captcha’s where you have to submit only "selected" inputs.

Pay rates for solving token/ case-sensitive captchas is higher than typing normal captchas.

Case-sensitive captchas will be notified automatically in the software.


Here are the important details:

Current Pay rates: This tells you the current rate of captcha you will earn per 1 correct input.

Server time: The rate of captchas depend on different server time. For more details login in here.

Latency rate: This tells you the speed of flow of captchas. The higher the latency, the flow of captchas is also higher.

  • All the payments will be on Fridays, so on Thursday there will be of 90% account ban even for 5 mistakes. Be careful on Thursdays, it's, better not to work on Thursdays.

5. Qlinkgroup Payment Proof.

Qlinkgroup has been paying their customers without any delay. All the payment of qlinkgroup will be on Fridays.

If your account has banned then there is no payment. If not I am 100% sure you will get paid through your payment processors.


6. Qlinkgroup Review.

Guys, honestly and personally I give a 5 out of 5-star rating to qlinkgroup captcha entry work. We can make money by simple typing online without having any fixed or specified timings, and qlinkgroup are paying well.

Seriously, guys qlinkgroup is really worth trying.

My personal ratings are 4 out of 5.

Qlinkgroup is 100% legitimate CAPTCHA typing job. It pays 100% for sure for customers with no delay.

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