Qlinkgroup is an online typing job in which you need to complete captchas by typing online within a specific interval of time. This job is available for every individual who needs to make extra money online with no time limits. In this typing job, you get paid on a weekly basis in which you need to enter a captcha without any mistake in the given time interval.

All these new words may find confusing for you. But, don’t worry I am going to explain each and every step to get signup into this online typing job with zero registration fee and get your first payment within a week only. This sounds a little bit crazy. Right? Honestly, I even really got confused at my first’s typing job.

Guys, this typing job is a 100% legitimate online typing job because I got really paid from Qlinkgroup company as I shared my payment receipt as proof in the payment proof section of this article.

This article covers all the latest information about Qlinkgroup online typing jobs right from getting signup to receiving payment in only a week. Ok then let’s get started.

Firstly, I recently referred to this as an online captcha typing job. Let’s exactly learn what is meant by captcha and why it is used?

What is Captcha?

Captcha is a type of software mechanism which is used to find the user is a human or not. If you remember when you sign up at any email services or out filling out any registration, it may ask you to identify some words or pictures which may be a combination of alphabets or numbers or pictures having displayed in such a way that you have to put some efforts to identify that word or number or picture currently.

Do you wonder why they use it? Because this captcha service separates from human and computer bot when filling out a registration form in such a way that only humans can solve captcha correctly where else computer bots cannot.

Let’s lookout for a captcha image.


Are you wondering what we actually need to do with this captcha and how it is associated with this Qlinkgroup typing job? Don’t worry, we really need to enter the correct captcha as an input in the given time. We earn for every correct entry of captcha and vice-versa.

Ok, we learned about the captcha, right? Now let’s get on with the complete information about the Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job. In order to do this captcha typing job here are a few requirements every beginner should follow.

Qlinkgroup Minimum Requirements

The basic minimum requirement for this Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job is to have a more or less typing speed of 5 to 10 words in a minute. However, one should complete the given captcha task within the given interval of time. Honestly, any beginner can type at least 3 to 6 words in less than 30 sec correctly.

Moreover, you should have a PAYPAL account to receive money on weekly basis after reaching a minimum payout scale of more or less 1$ in a week and an email account for registration, and a computer or laptop with minimum internet speed.

That’s it you are good to go, let’s start our online captcha typing job by filling our details in the registration form as follows.

Qlinkgroup Registration

Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job registration is free of cost. You don’t need to pay any registration fee or any investment to get registered for this typing job. All the registration process is free of charge and can be provided for everyone all over the globe.

Please fill up the details at Qlinkgroup registration form which may include your username, name, email, and payment information correctly with no mistake. Then click on the submit button after confirming your details.

Qlinkgroup Online Typing Job Registration Form.

Once you have submitted your details, then you will receive a confirmation email to your respective email address with your login credentials. Sometimes there may be a delay in receiving confirmation email don’t worry you will receive an email within 24 hours if you don’t signup with another email address.

Have you wondered where we should start working after receiving login credentials? Don’t panic, the best way to work at Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job is that they provide a captcha typing software for absolutely free of cost. Yes, Qlinkgroup software is 100% free and it supports all the platforms.

Qlinkgroup Software

Unlike any other captcha typing jobs, Qlinkgroup provides captcha typing software free of cost which supports all platforms. You can sign in to the software with your login credentials and start working instantly all over the day with no time limits. Yes, you can work at any time anywhere using this Qlinkgroup captcha typing software.

Qlinkgroup Typing Job Login Screen.

All these sounds a little bit fuzzy right? Don’t worry, just follow the instructions as was guiding you. In order to install this captcha typing software on your pc, here are some most important minimum system requirements to support this software on your pc.

  • Windows 7/8/10 {For latest use windows 10 for optimal server speed}
  • Stable internet connection, minimum 1 Mbps speed, dedicated to the solver.
  • RAM requirements are minimal, the app consumes less than 200 MB of RAM.
  • CPU requirements, minimum Intel Pentium dual-core recommended.
  • Microsoft.net Framework 4.5.2
  • Minimum 500 MB free disk space (1 GB free disk space recommended).

If your PC supports all the system requirements as shown above, then just click on this Qlinkgroup software download link and install it on your pc by just double-clicking on the downloaded captcha software icon. After the successful installation of the software, just login into the software by using your login credentials and start working.

If you even confused working with the software, then follow the instructions on how I achieved my minimum payroll in less than 2 days by just working in this software in my free time.

How to use Qlinkgroup software?

  1. After the successful installation of the captcha software, then enter your login credentials, just press the login button where you instantly login into the software.
    Qlinkgroup software start
  2. The QlinkSolver UI now enables CAPTCHA Solving features for the Operator
    Qlinkgroup software main
  3. Click the Start button on the top bar to start solving CAPTCHAs.
  4. The software shows a loading animation, now wait for a CAPTCHA image to appear.
    Qlinkgroup software loading
  5. Solve the CAPTCHA image by entering in the text box below what you see in it and hitting the Enter key on your keyboard or clicking the Solve control.
  6. To stop the CAPTCHA request cycle, click on the Pause control. The Operator must wait for the current CAPTCHAs to finish.

Once you press enter, there will be a continuous flow of captcha images in this QlinkSolver software, if you haven’t submitted within the limited time, or continuously entering wrong inputs, then this results in an account ban. So, be careful whenever you are submitting captchas. If the captcha has not been understood, then press the escape button. Don’t press the “ESC” button continuously, this may also result in an account ban. So please be careful at every move you make.

All the payments will be on Fridays, so on Thursday, there will be of 90% account ban even for 5 mistakes. Be careful on Thursdays, it’s, better not to work on Thursdays.

After reaching out to the minimum payout role? Then how do we receive payment? After all, working very hard, is this really legitimate online typing? I may know that all these questions may be buzzing in your head. Right?

Honestly, this Qlinkgroup captcha typing job is a 100% legitimate job because I really got paid from this company.

Qlinkgroup payment proof

Yes, Qlinkgroup is really paying its customers on a weekly basis without any delay for years. Honestly, I personally got paid from this Qlinkgroup company as I posted below as payment proof. This Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job is a 100% legitimate typing job with zero investment and registration fees.

But you will get paid for every correct input and vice-versa. If your account has been banned even after reaching the minimum payment role which is 1$ in a week, you won’t receive any payment from the company. So be careful while working for the Qlinkgroup job.

I would like to suggest you only one thing, if you work sincerely without using any easy-made tactics in this job, you will get paid for sure if you don’t then you don’t get paid. Seriously, your hard work will be paid off.

Qlinkgroup Payment Proof

Oh, thank god, you have reached until here, here is my honest review of Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job.

Qlinkgroup Review

Qlinkgroup is really a great place to make money by typing online in our free time. Seriously, I personally worked for more than 1 week and I got really paid for this typing job without any delay or any issue. How can a company provide job offers for every beginner to start working and getting paid to them on a weekly basis? Yes, Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job had made this possible.


The pay rate for every captcha depends on which time you work on it. As I am from India, if I work during nights, the pay rates are high. For example, we get paid at least 1$ for every 1000 correct captchas during night times but not during the daytime. Honestly, we cannot make a living by doing this typing job, as this job only helps to spend our time wisely that is by making money from this typing job.

To include, this Qlinkgroup job doesn’t suit us to work full time as we cannot make much money even working for longer hours. Even though this job is really worth trying once, get signup once and leave at least receiving one payment.

Note- Don’t pay any money to anyone in the name of registration or investment fee. All the services from the Qlinkgroup online captcha typing job are free of cost.