How to Increase Productivity in Study and Homework

Are you a student? Then you can relate to this scenario: that moment when you are studying or doing homework, and you end up reading the same thing over and over without getting any single point out of the passage. To make the situation worse, you keep on struggling to understand a given context, but nothing seems to be working. Your mind then ends up confused, and you end up wasting time minus accomplishing your homework assignment. Such scenarios call for productive study tips to ensure you understand what you are reading without feeling pressure and stress but maintaining maximum concentration.

Productivity tips for students: effective study techniques

Now, you have several homework tasks. You cant figure out where to start and how you will accomplish all the tasks on time and submit high-quality work. Don’t worry; in such a case, you can apply the following effective study habits and enjoy the process of doing homework.

  • Work with a partner

Are you struggling to determine a perfect way how to be productive in school? Consider working with another person or a friend who understands the concept even better. Especially when the task is a bit complex, working with someone else will stimulate a meaningful discussion while increasing concentration.

  • Manage your time effectively for productive study

Good time management is among the effective study techniques students should learn to apply in their study routine. Instead of skipping from one task to another, have a clear schedule of what you should do at a given time. After creating a schedule, ensure you stay disciplined and as you avoid procrastination.

  • Create a conducive study environment

Another tip on how to be productive as a student, especially when doing homework, is creating an enabling environment for studying. Make sure the space has a good chair, tables, lighting, and other requirements such as an internet connection for research purposes. Above all, the room should be quiet and free from noise to enhance concentration.

  • Take breaks

Are you still figuring out how to be productive in studying? Avoid working continuously, as this will take a mental toll on your brain. You need time to refresh, eat to re-energize and have time to brainstorm new ideas.

  • Have goals

Goals are known to motivate a person to work hard towards attaining their objectives. As you study and do your homework, make sure you have the end goals you need to achieve at the end of it all as a way o enhancing study productivity.

  • Remember to sleep

Even when the assignments are plenty, always create sufficient time for resting as a way of improving productivity while studying. Good sleep makes a person forget all the worries and stress that come with studying. After resting, the mind will be fresh and ready to take in more questions and process new concepts.

  • Avoid possible distractions

If you have ever checked one social media notification, only to end up spending hours on social media, then you will realize how much distraction can impact your time. Make sure you turn off such notifications and even television that can distract your attention.

  • Gather relevant materials in advance

The best way to prepare for a productive study or homework session is to get all the materials you need in advance. It can be books, pens, and related stationeries. Make sure you have all these things in advance to ease the study and homework process.


Studying and doing homework are among the crucial elements in a student’s life. Whenever handling such tasks as a student, ensure as a student, you put in place practical tips to increase productivity.