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Free Online Typing Jobs With No Investment - 100% Free.

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MegaTypers - Free Online Typing Job.

MegaTypers is a simple online typing job portal with no registration fees.

As always it is free to signup, we can create an account and start doing the work.

You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as possible.

The quicker you type, the more money you earn.

Honestly, how much you earn depends on the amount of work that you do.

Least payment to withdraw is 3$.

All the payments will be on Mondays.

Megatypers is genuinely paying their customers without any delay.

We can also work in the software provided by Megatypers for free of cost.

You need to have an Invitation Code to register at Megatypers for Free.

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Qlinkgroup - Software | Login | Register | Payment Proof.

Do you want to make money online by simple online typing?

Here it is,

Qlinkgroup is another online typing work with no registration fees.

It is 100% Free to signup.

There are no fixed timings to work. We can work whenever we need to.

We receive weekly payments. Yes, all the payments of qlinkgroup will be on Fridays.

This is the payment which I got from qlinkgroup.

Qlinkgroup also provides software in which we can work directly.

Honestly, qlinkgroup is 100% legitimate online typing job which pays very well.

Qlinkgroup is really worth trying.

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Kolotibablo Online Captcha Typing Job - Free to Signup.

Kolotibablo offers simple online captcha typing job. In here you need to type a word which is displayed on an image within the prescribed time.

Importantly, payments are on weekly basis. Least payout is 1$.

It is legitimately 100% online captcha typing job. I personally got paid through kolotibablo online typing job.

Yes, it is 100% Free to register.

We can either work on their official website or in the captcha software which is provided by kolotibablo.

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Host a website using Github pages with a custom URL and Godaddy Domain.

We can host a website using Github pages with a custom URL.

All we need to have a Domain name and a very well coded website.

There is no charge for hosting but we have to pay for Domain name.

Importantly, we need to add/upload CNAME file, configure DNS server etc.

I have written a step by step tutorial to set up a custom URL with GoDaddy domain using Github pages at Github pages with a custom URL.


Add "HTTPS" to Github Pages with a Custom Domain For Free.

In here we add "HTTPS" to Github pages with a custom domain for free of cost.

HTTPS is really helpful to rank in search engines. Websites with HTTPS rank much more higher than any other websites.

Importantly, Adding HTTPS is as easy as editing a website and uploading it to online.

I added HTTPS to my personal blog(https://www.alltechnotricks.com/) by following these techniques.

I have posted all tricks to add an SSL certificate to Github pages for free at Gain HTTPS to Github Pages with a custom domain.