All You Need to Know About High School: 15 Things to Know

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Finally, you are off middle school, and you need to join high school. The transition can be fascinating or challenging, depending on different students. Despite all the feelings and mixed reactions, students need to prepare adequately to start and embrace a positive learning experience while in high school.

Of course, as a new student, you will meet other students, teachers, and other people you will be interacting with. Besides, activities and schoolwork tasks will change as you start a new experience. The high school moments can be a great opportunity for students to experience diversified growth while learning different skills. Students can also discover their talents and embrace them while in high school. While the experience can be exciting, students can as well get a negative impact from high school. That is why this article features things to know about high school as a way of getting prepared and ready for the transition.

High school junior: what to expect in high school

Now, you are in high school with no experience, no friends, and probably all you can see around you are strangers. All you are asking yourself is, what should i be doing in high school? Well, as a way of preparation, be sure to arrange all your belongings in a secure place, study the environment well to know where the classes are, and start to socialize as you learn and adapt to the new system.

High school freshman: 15 high school freshman advice and tips

There are some things to know before high school life as a way of getting ready for new education and career life. They include:

  1. Buy the right school requirements

The first element to consider as a way of preparation is knowing things needed for high school and buying them in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.

  1. Be yourself

Since you are a junior in high school, you may experience peer pressure and wish to be like other students. Try and avoid this temptation by being real with who you are.

  1. Make good friends

You will need a productive company, and these are the people you will be studying with. Take note to make friends who have the same goals as yours.

  1. Stay organized

The secret to creating an effective learning environment and routine is organizing all your things for a smooth experience.

  1. Engage in extracurricular activities

Think of what you love and take part in such activities while in high school. It can be in games or leadership.

  1. Create a good relationship with teachers

Teachers are significant figures while in high school. They offer guidance and other life skills as a high school junior learn how to engage with teachers positively and seek advice whenever you need it.

  1. Create time for everything

As far as grades matter a lot, you will need to socialize and do other activities. Learn as early as possible how to balance everything.

  1. Sleep is vital

Although many high schoolers will always want to focus on books for good grades, always remember time for sleep is as significant as any other activity.

  1. Exams need early preparation

While joining high school, exams will always be there. Avoid studying for exams at the last minute. Instead, start the preparations as early as you join high school.

  1. Always ask questions

Learning is a continuous process, and asking questions is part of earning. Whenever you have a quiz, always ask the teacher or someone with great knowledge of the subject.

  1. Be a good time manager

Time is significant while in high school. Ensure you use your time productively.

  1. Study the school environment

As a junior in high school, take time to learn the place and know where the classes are for easy navigation.

  1. Avoid heavy backpack

As a new high schooler, be sure to carry the books you need at a specific moment. Avoid heavy backpacks as a way of managing back pain.

  1. Manage your finances well

Finances will always be part of your life in high school. Ensure you spend well for fulfilling high school life.

  1. Learn how to defend yourself

There may arise conflicts. Know how to defends yourself both verbally and physically, but avoid violence.


High school life is a significant phase in a student’s life. How well are you prepared to face your high school life? Consider the above tips for effectiveness.

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